Cyber security has never been more important than it is today, specially for companies that have their employees working from home. And did you know that the source of 90% of all data breaches is Human behaviour?

Bearing in mind these facts, we partnered with OutThink in 2020/21 to come up with brand new visual solutions for supporting the online training they offer to their clients all around the world.

Our task was to create a series of 29 videos, each with different themes such as Email Security, Social Media, Remote Working, etc. In order to support all of their clients, we have also created versions focusing people from Middle East.

The goal was to enhance the user experience and highlight how simple are some of the situations where hackers can easily access data.
The script writers came up with original and authentic stories to represent the voiceover that OutThink provided. As for the visuals, making use of stock footage as part of the scenario, our artists created 2D illustrations and animations for each of the subjects, being careful to follow the same visual identity throughout the video.  We wanted to connect with the audience by coming up with a human-oriented and a hand-made-effect approach, full of colors and textures.

Compositing brought the environment and the 2D animations together within one world: that's why they seem to be perfectly adjusted to one another. 
And last, but not least, the icing on the cake: Sound Effects!

We love how a touch of charisma and humor (besides the richness of details) assist the video to be informative, beautiful and pleasant at the same time, resulting on what you (and OutThink clients) can see now.

Client  OutThink
Executive Direction  Stefane Kaller, Igor Martins
Client Relationship  Melina Zanella
Operations  Michelle Kaller
Project Management  Helen Teixeira
Administrative Management  Elzemario Kaller
Creative Direction  Diego Ruiz, Rafael Folk, Douglas Frigeri
Scripts  Flávia Guitarrara, Guss de Lucca
Design  Lucas Pereira, Maria Eugenia Raulino, Pablo Peiker, Tiago Amora
Motion  André Portnoy, Eduardo Lunkes, Mykael Sobreira
Compositing  Jean Estevão, Renan Santa Terra
Sound Effects & Audio Editing  André Oliveira
The characters were designed according to western and middle east cultural traces.
The sound design was created having in mind the actions of the characters and ambience.
The workflow was especially created for this project, due to the complexity of the production:
29 videos with western characters,
29 videos with middle east characters,
1095 seconds of video,
20 people in the team,​​​​​​​
5 months of work.
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